Our Goals And Values

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Start the main website platform by June 2020 and complete it by July 30
  2. Open 1st foundation Office in Philippines by November 2021
  3. Open 2nd Office in India Mumbai city by March 2021
  1. Open 3rd Office in Bangladesh by May 2021
  2. Open 4th Office in Indonesia by July 2021
  3. Open 5th Office in Vietnam by December 2021
  1. Open 6th Office in Kenya by May 2022
  2. Open 7th Office in Mali by August 2022
  3. Open 8th Office in Niger by December 2022
  4. Open 9th Office in Thailand by October 2022
  1. Establishing manufacturing products centers for supporting this foundation as businesses profit centers in all centers opened
  2. Give working jobs opportunities to poor and orphans to work in each center
  1. Establishing food factories of peanut in Africa and Asia to supply all centers with food charity giveaways monthly
  2. Establishing farming of food suits each country: chicken and eggs to sell to people and giveaways to poor and orphans